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The Fifth Day ... Corruptmas

On the fifth day of Corrupt-mas there is the "Recounting of Prosecutions Averted." One of the greatest 'talents' of the left is to cloak their misdeeds in jack booted lock step group-think acceptability. The fervent belief in their exclusive franchise on the moral 'high road' plays an integral role in the mass deception that we celebrate on the fifth day. For those of you 'primitive' religionists who have hung in this long ... it's almost "sacramental". Essential to this deception is the notion that ends always justifies the means. This principle is central to progressive ideological righteousness. Necessary to this endeavor is the use, development and control of their own vernacular. In order to be a progressive ... you must speak the language of 'Euphemism'. Understand, it is 'Euphemism' that brings comfort to the faithful.

Progressives are able to pallet cash by the billions in violation of domestic and international currency laws and ship it off to exporters of terrorism under the cover of night in violation of American foreign policy … and the law … without so much as a wince of the party faithful. It is this same mass duplicity that allows an organization that terminates life to dismantle it and sell it wholesale ... and prosecute those who reveal and complain of it.

It is the ability to get away with perpetrating these crimes that ... to liberals ... is the biggest confirmation of their righteousness. The fifth day is the day that we celebrate 'getting away with it."


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