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The Death of Respect

I watched in horror yesterday as former Presidents Clinton and Obama and Secretary Clinton politicized their eulogies of Rep. Elijah Cummings from the pulpit of Baltimore’s New Psalmist Baptist Church. Understand, the Rite of Christian Burial is a solemn occasion. The focus of the rite is the administration of Christian Ecclesiastical Burial Rites on behalf of the deceased. Even nominal Christians understand this. But, we live in the time of mainstreamed Trump Derangement and our “leaders” are unafraid … compelled to … as the kids say … “show their ass.”* While it may or may not have been what Senator Cummings and his family wanted … it really isn’t about them. The Rite of Christian Burial is about God’s mercy … His plan for salvation … and its fulfillment in the life being celebrated. It is not the time to make sanctimonious “Mean Girls” references cloaked in Biblical citation(s) concerning your common political enemies . The only thing evident to me in all of this is that the world is in desperate need of a savior … The Savior.

Yesterday, I witnessed ravenous wolves, cloaked in sheep’s clothing, take their place at the pulpit and shamefully politicize the Christian Burial Rite for their own purpose. It mocked God … and revealed their true character. We are told that “by their fruits you will know them.” By my count … three (3) despicably rotten apples.

May God have mercy on their souls … ______________ *Urban Dictionary: “showing your ass”: To make a scene or a spectacle of yourself sometimes in an obnoxious or uncouth way.


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