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The Cultural Divide

Over the last few days it has become pretty clear to me that "we" are not "in this together". There is a clear attitudinal divide between those working for large corporations and governmental entities who ... for now ... are receiving their paychecks, retirement contributions and benefits ("protected pay") and those who are small business owners, their employees, and other hourly rate non-essential service industry employees, etc. who have been laid off, furloughed, or not taking pay ("lost pay").

Those with 'protected pay' speak of and treat with general disdain those without pay under the guise of public health concerns. Their nonsense is usually cast in a reference to putting a price on your friend and family member's head(s) in response to the "lost pay" people's demands to re-open the economy so that they can make a living. To many with "protected pay", the fact that the Small Business and Paycheck Relief is lining the pockets of large corporations and heavily endowed universities is of little to no moment. They're busy touting the delivery bona fides of the restaurants delivering their meals.

For those of you with restaurant food breath and 'protected pay' money lining your pockets in this moment, understand that If the economy doesn't get moving, many, many, many of you will find yourself in the 'unprotected pay' category. If you think that your large company or the government will continue to provide for you without the concomitant sales or tax revenues ... you're delusional. It's interesting. People in this category seem to understand the corporate axiom concerning the dispensability of people. They're avid practitioners. They just can't, don't and won't imagine that it will eventually apply to them.

Too bad sympathy, empathy, sense, and reason can't be ordered out and delivered to their door. It may come to pass that all they'll have to eat is their own words.


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