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The Battle is Waged

For the last four years, the hyper-emotionalized weak minded among us have been easily convinced through all manner of deceit to tear at the very fabric of our society and undermine our political institutions with ridiculous unfounded lies about 'science', political actors, and one another. These lies have derived their oxygen from a steady diet abject hatred sold as 'truth' to a public unpracticed at thinking for itself. Now, the insatiable appetite of that public for lies has inevitably become uncontrollably self destructive.

Until now, most have sat motionless on the sidelines convinced that it will 'all work out' without their having to publicly declare themselves, commit, or take a public stand. Until now, they have sought solace ... and revenge ... in the anonymity of the voting both. An anonymity that they are soon to be robbed of by the groundswell for mail in ballots. Why do you think 'they' want it? They want to know who is opposing them.

How many more cities will be destroyed, annexed, and go unguarded with the defunding and reimagining of law enforcement? If you haven't figured it out by now ... this not simply a two party skirmish that will resolve itself in November. It's time to get up and get off the sidelines.

The battle is waged. Fear is not an option.

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