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Let me see if I understand this correctly. After nearly six (6) months of a PANDEMIC, notwithstanding the incessant complaints of the Democrat leadership and House and Senate members about the sufficiency of national testing, frequency of national public testing, availability of national public testing, national testing in public schools, national testing at universities, national testing of employees at businesses, national testing of hospital staff, national testing of police, national testing of first responders (etc., ad infinitum) ... they themselves have failed, refused, and RESISTED putting in place testing protocols on Capitol Hill? Why and how have they gotten away with this? Their dangerous duplicity is breathtaking. Unless they know something we don't ... or knew something we didn't.

How many Democrat members of Congress and/or their staff members are known to have tested CoVid-19 positive? I don't know of any. The only Democrat politician I know of that has been CoVid-19 positive is Virgina Governor, Jeremy Northam. #blueintheface #BeingFrank #FMG


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