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Teaching His Children ... Well?

These photographs are professional photographs by portraiture photographer and artist, Pari Dukovic. They are among the other curiously posed photographs appeared in "Popular Mechanics" magazine after the death of Biden's son Beau, for an article entitled, "The Things My Father Taught Me" ... that I wrote about in a previous post. I find the choice of pose for a "Popular Mechanics" feature piece curious. Artists, like Dukovic, are intentional about their work. They pose, light, and compose their work to convey a message or meaning. While this photo is less curious than the other(s), I wonder what Dukovic is trying to tell us with this series of relational photographs. Given the lack of 'fit' with the theme of the magazine and its audience demographics ... it's clear that there is a message. There are, of course, any number of ways to convey a close relationship in a photograph. Dukovic didn't chose showing them working in common purpose, or pursing the interests discussed in the "Popular Mechanics"

feature piece. He chose physical contact.

I think that it affirms my broader point about bad and blurred boundaries. Hunter, who later had an affair with Beau's wife-widow, left his own wife, only to cheat on the Widow Biden with Arkansas MPire Club exotic dancer, Lunden Roberts, who recently bore their 'love-child' and is currently pursuing him for child support that he has not willingly paid. Hunter's own sexual compulsivity and drug addiction all point to larger impulse control issues not unlike those we see manifest by Gropey Quid Pro Joe.

Joe taught his son well.


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