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Tamper and Scamper

The Democrats, Big Tech, and Big Media continue to control the narrative with charges that there is 'no evidence' of tampering. Excluding duly appointed credentialed election observers from counting rooms, placing them in binocular view of the proceedings, placing visual barriers between credentialed observers and the counting, counting votes not in conformity with state law, video-graphic evidence of ballot destruction, whistleblower statements concerning Michigan postmaster orders concerning ballot tampering, and testimony of voters disenfranchised by rogue mail in balloting ALL CONSTITUTE EVIDENCE. In fact, it establishes a prima facie case of election fraud.

Understand, the United States Supreme Court doesn't weigh in on speculative cases or controversies. In an order issued by Justice Alito yesterday, the Supreme Court ordered Pennsylvania to segregate the ballots received and being counted (contrary to the ruling) after the deadline established by the state legislature. It's real. #blueintheface #FMG #BeingFrank ___


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