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Congress’ recent bi-partisan resolution condemning the President’s withdrawal from Syria is nothing more than a political stunt contrived to embarrass the President. If the resolution was born of actual conviction … Congress is not without Constitutional remedy. Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the United States Constitution, referred to as the War Powers Clause, vests in the Congress the power to declare war. But, it isn’t conviction that drives them … it’s embarrassment and delusion. After ten (10) years of feckless, sideways, upside down and drifting Obama Middle Eastern foreign policy, it was this President’s leadership and strategy that vanquished ISIS, recaptured the territory under their control and obliterated their claims of national sovereignty in just less than one (1) year. Understand, President Obama and Nancy Pelosi are responsible for the Russian presence in Syria. Pelosi's suggestion that all roads lead to Putin for the President is simply clinical projection.

Kurdish 'sympathizers' forget that the Kurds inhabit the areas previously controlled by ISIS. They didn’t ‘help’ us … we ‘helped’ them … at substantial cost. Most importantly, the President is correct that our comrades the Kurds are 'no angels'. They are part of the Kurdish Communist revolutionaries seeking to establish an independent Communist Kurdistan for the thirty (30) million Kurds living in the region by forcibly taking sovereign Turkish territory and that of its neighbors. Those Kurdish freedom fighters are known as the PKK. The PKK is widely considered a narco-terrorist group that funds its terrorist ‘operations’ in Turkey, Syria and Iraq from the money they earn controlling the European heroin trade. The Turks have spent over $500,000,000,000.00 fighting them.

Understand, we never promised to assist the Kurds in claiming the sovereign territory of our NATO ally, Turkey. The President is right … it’s not our fight and these endless regime change wars must come to an end. The President promised he would end them. I voted for him to end them. I expected him to keep his promise and I am glad he has notwithstanding the delusional ahistorical, contra-factual, know nothing about history or who these Kurds are Resistance haters.

I urge you to learn about who is really responsible for what … pay attention to what is going on now … and think for yourself. You’re being emotionally manipulated into supporting Communist heroin trafficking terrorists.

You can't say that I didn't warn you …


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