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Symbols Matter

I am not a fan of Justin Trudeau. Never have been. The latest controversy regarding his racist ‘pose’ is one of many eye brow raising revelations about Trudeau’s character. But, I fear that there is more here than meets the eye. One of Trudeau’s closest friends is Christopher Charles Ingvaldson. Ingvaldson has been convicted on child pornography charges and for directing an international pedophile ring. Ingvaldson and Trudeau have been friends since being college roommates. Subsequent to receiving their teaching degrees, both were offered and accepted jobs at an “elite Vancouver private boarding school” … West Point Grey Academy. Trudeau often encouraged Ingvaldson to enter politics as a member of the Liberal Party … and at one point … Ingvaldson planned to run as the Vancouver-Kingsway Liberal MP candidate. His candidacy was derailed by his arrest and imprisonment on child pornography and trafficking charges.

I fear not coincidentally … Trudeau’s father’s foundation … The Pierre Elliot Trudeau* Foundation has "a long history" of using pedophilic symbols in Foundation publications. The cover of the 2015-16 Foundation Annual Report used a pedophilic symbol on its cover. I’ve attached a copy of the cover of the Annual Report … and a graphic from the FBI Intelligence Bulletin interpreting the symbols and logos used by pedophiles to identify their sexual preference(s) to one another. It is clear that the Annual Report graphic is identical to the “BLogo” or “Boy Lover” symbol.

Prior to his election as Prime Minister … Trudeau oversaw the operation of the Foundation from its creation in 2002 through 2014. Justin is expected to return to his management of the Foundation once his term is over.


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