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Sunbelt Seasonal Inversion

The Sunbelt is experiencing higher case numbers and lower death rates. This is all in the service of reaching our Herd Immunity Threshold ("HIT"). After the northern state CoVid-19 'indoor season' kerosene fire, many of them have now exceeded their HIT so you are seeing fewer cases and plummeting death counts which will soon deprive CoVid-19 of its "pandemic" status. But, because few think beyond the lips of Governor Cuomo, what is missing from this analysis is the fact that it is the 'indoor season' across the Sunbelt. Windows close and air conditioners are turned on. Only the die hard native surfers and sunners are actually outside this time of year here in Florida.

When I first moved to South Florida in 1982, the town literally closed down for the summer. It was difficult to find an open restaurant ... or a neighbor. Surprised about the rise in Sunbelt cases? You shouldn't be. Until we reach our HIT ... it will continue. Summer is our indoor season.


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