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Stupidity Super Spreaders

Let me see if I understand this correctly. The White House physician stood outside Walter Reed Hospital and provided an update on the President's condition and answered questions. But, "anonymous sources" who now contradict what he said are being quoted as saying that the President's condition is/was dire ... and they are actually being believed. That means that the White House physician and the ten to twelve other medical armed services personnel who were identified by name and medical discipline, who stood behind what was being publicly stated by the White House physician, are ALL LIARS.

This is just another example of how ridiculously, disingenuously, and partisanly gullible the American people are. Believers should be required to wear dunce caps to match their masks and an "SSS" on their shirts to warn the rest of us that they are "Stupidity Super Spreaders." #blueintheface #BeingFrank #FMG ___


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