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Spoiled Milk

This month, the first cut of steel commencing construction of the Military Sealift Command Fleet Oiler named for the gay rights activist, Harvey Milk was made … an honor he does not deserve and about which I complain every chance I get. Understand, I’m not complaining because of his effective gay rights activism … but because of his proclivity for criminally sexual ‘relationships’ with underage runaway boys. Milk’s close friend, journalist and biographer, Randy Shilts, acknowledged Milk’s open and notorious predilection for underage runaway boys in “The Mayor of Castro Street”. A book that I own and that I have read. By honoring Milk in this fashion, the Navy declares war on the cause of child sexual exploitation and re-victimizes survivors of child sexual abuse by honoring a predator. Having previously issued a commemorative stamp with his visage, this latest accolade bestowed upon Milk by the government is yet another affirmation that our culture is less offended by the sexual exploitation of children than it purports to be and is yet another step in the inexorable journey toward mainstreaming pedophilia.

I might reconsider my position if they more aptly name a “destroyer” after him instead …


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