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Speech Registration

I created this video on 1/18/20. I posted it to Frankcasting Media Group, LLC on 1/1820 and on this page on 1/18/20. I "Boosted" the post on FMG on 1/18 /20. Boosting constitutes using paid Facebook ads to promote the post. I have boosted two other ads that have helped me reach over 8,000 people. I submitted the post on 1/18/20. The review process usually takes 24 hours. This particular placement took far longer. It initially appeared to be approved achieving over 500 views in a very short time … and the ad budget was drawn down accordingly. When I logged on tonight, I was advised that the placement request was denied … notwithstanding the draw down on the money paid and allocated for the ad … and was notified that I had to register and "become authorized to run this type of ad." Initially, I had to confirm my country location … which is remarkable given the fact that they often show me where login requests are geographically originating.

Additionally, I was advised that there was an identification confirmation process required to be authorized to run ads "on social issues, elections or politics" … notwithstanding the fact that the page is attached to my personal Facebook page which I have had for over a decade and that they procured my credit card information containing some of the same information. Most interestingly, though, was that they required a scan of the front and back of my Driver's License and indicated that they would send me a security code to finish the process by regular mail to my required home address in the next two (2) to three (3) weeks.

I have placed two other ads using similar posts without the confirmation process. Political speech registration. Funny. I don't recall Mark Zuckerberg and the other Facebook officials who have spoken regarding political speech safeguards mention a registration process to combat "bots". In fact, I was pretty certain that they were concerned about protecting … not limiting speech.


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