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Social Distancing Redux

The social distancing will continue for thirty (30) more days. For the whiny, complainy, 'sciency', 'data driven', naysayer, the sky is falling and the President is negligent we shouldn't go back to work crowd … the rest of us expect you to shut up for at the very least, the next twenty (20) days. All the wasted catastrophizing. All the wrongly negative pressured speech, throbbing forehead vein, bug-eyed contrarian prognostications and strife for naught. This cycle is exhaustingly repeated time and time again. Do us all a favor and avail yourselves of online counseling now being conveniently offered for people just like you.

The constant politicized catastrophizing imagined parade of horribles divisiveness is a blood sucking scourge on the national psyche. Three fucking years of your non-stop destructively delusional nonsense … GET HELP!


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