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Ship of Fools

The Holland America cruise ship full of sick people seeking to disembark in Fort Lauderdale is is the source of a lot of lively local debate. I am constantly amazed by people. Throughout the days prior to the March 6 departure of the cruise, the Administration was issuing travel restrictions and seeking billions of dollars from Congress to fight the virus … and yet … hundreds of people blinded by the thought of losing their deposit, and unable to resist activating their Skinner Box pleasure stimulus … inexplicably and negligently boarded the Holland America floating petri-dish-on-a-good-day for what has turned into the cruise of the damned. Not surprisingly, in the days that followed, the pandemic manifested itself on board leading to nearly 200 infections and 4 or more deaths.

Now, the Cruising Contagion Contingent would like to be dumped into our community so that they can receive and we can subsidize their medical care and spread their plume of viral shedding as they head home while muttering the words "my-bad?". The Broward Board of Commissioners is now struggling with the question … just how many bad decisions of out of towners will the locals have to pay for? It's one thing when the disembarking passengers repeatedly shed boat-born Norovirus into our community. Vomiting and shitting yourself is bad enough. But, we're talking about suffocating in your own fluids and prospectively creating a much more serious health concern for the community and our already stressed community health care resources.

The question is … just how many times do we all have take it on the chin for people who seem unable to control their idle privileged wanderlust and lack the discipline, self control, and instinct for self preservation in sufficient amounts to sit still so the rest of us don't have to rescue them … or die from their biological souvenirs? Many of us have already paid with our jobs, our businesses and even the lives of friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

But, it’s just an embarrassment of riches for this ship of fools.

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