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Sexual Compulsivity

This man is a sexual predator. He publicly acts out his sexual philias and compulsivity, but his supporters continue to make excuses for him. For a long time now, people have been asking “how can this continue unabated?” This is the answer. The truth is ... there are more people than you would care to think that believe that it's okay to sexually use and abuse children ... and then there are those who just stand by, watch, and allow it to continue. Both groups of people are culpable.

Understand, it's not like the rest of us don't remember which of you insisted that women are to be believed out of political expediency. Your shameful, unprincipled, silent partisan hypocrisy is duly noted and only affirms what we already knew about you. For the rest of you still supporting the Former Vice Predator in Chief ... in the words of your favorite eco-fascist minor ... "shame on you."

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