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Seditious Subpoenae

Interesting. The House Democrats have backed away from anyone that has pursued and/or threatens to pursue legal action seeking a determination concerning the jurisdiction of the committee, the validity of their subpoena and Executive Privilege. Understand, the House Democrat withdrawal of the Kupperman subpoena and the refusal to subpoena John Bolton isn't the result of their concern about delay. The Court agreed to fast track the case and hear argument from both sides in the Kupperman matter the first week of December … which is nearly upon us. Until now, the greatest weapon in the Democrat arsenal has been the lack of political resolve, intestinal fortitude and legal acumen of Republicans and patriots to stand up to the rogue Democrat 'investigators.'

Undoubtedly, House Democrats understand that their subpoenas would be declared "unenforceable-y" void and the putative 'witness' assertion of Executive Privilege impenetrable by a court of competent appellate jurisdiction. 'We' can't have that now, can we?

It's time to stop Robespierre Schiff's Reign of Schiff Skiff Terror using the laws promulgated to protect us all from this brand of Soros backed destabilizing sedition.

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