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Second Day of Corrupt-mas

It should now be clear to conservatives that the corruption of the left is dangerously insidious. Over the last several weeks they have continued undermining traditional notions of fair play and substantial justice through their persistent efforts to subvert due process and equal protection of the law. They have largely been effective in the short term. It is incumbent on all of us to unite and push back against this subversion of fundamental constitutional principles that are the bedrock of a free and just society. Today is the second day of the liberal secular holiday of 'Corrupt-mas'. Oppose the open celebration of this impeachment travesty wherever you find it. Don't be afraid to push back against the hateful nonsense of the left.

You didn't misunderstand them when they said that they seek 'fundamental structural change', to open the borders, and confiscate and redistribute property. You know and understand what that means. It's time to either oppose it or face subjugation by it.


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