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We have been producing a series of videos that we call ‘Scientific Christians’ to push back against the growing socio-political aggression and promotion of ‘Scientism’ by Democrats, liberals, and progressives. We believe that it is an expression of a growing cultural hostility toward God and people of faith. 'Scientism' is the belief that science should determine normative and epistemological values, and is the only means by which desired societal outcomes can be achieved. Fundamentally, ‘Scientism’ is at once an agnostic challenge to and refutation of faith based belief systems. It is this Comte-ian* ego-centric belief in one’s own ‘rational’ mind, that propels agnostics to seek the replacement of ‘primitive’ religious views with ‘science’ which they view as the only legitimate means of accessing objective truth ... notwithstanding the fact that the ‘science’ is so often necessarily, empirically, wrong. We know that science is a process of exploration ... a process of discovery. In the common vernacular, it is largely 'trial and error'.

Consequently, our current struggle with CoVid-19 has become a source of practiced political opportunism more focused on the fact that science has been employed to develop and deploy virus testing modalities, therapeutics, anti-body detective testing, and a ‘vaccine’. It is that hellish enthusiasm to kill two birds with one beaker that has largely derailed the development of a cogent public conversation, public policy, and legislation concerning realistic goals regarding virus detection and the legitimacy of post infection antibodies as the litmus test for employment and publicly engaging in masked and unmasked commerce. The conflagration is now undeniably fed by a maniacal push for greater control of the public and our national and personal resources.

The resulting struggle that has unfolded pits our health against our liberty by those who would exploit one to usurp the other. You see the struggle now playing out on main streets across the country. These aren't stupid people.** They are people who have a sense of what really hangs in the balance.

Any other explanation is simply not supported by the data. ____ *Auguste Comte, 19th Century French philosopher. **A case that would be far easier to make if they were wearing masks and not standing next to one another while making their point.

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