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Ruling Without Rules

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

There is now a belated nonsensical discussion concerning the applicability of the Federal Rules of Evidence to the acquisition and evaluation of the ‘evidence’ being elicited during the House Impeachment Inquiry. The suggestion that the Rules of Evidence shouldn’t apply is nothing more than tyrannical tribunal babble. The inquiry is accumulating evidence to be weighed and voted on in furtherance of a determination of the President's 'guilt' or 'innocence'. 'Evidence’ is a legal term of art. Juridically, evidence is acquired, maintained, introduced, accepted and weighed by the trier of fact in accord with evidentiary rules. The Federal Rules of Evidence were promulgated in furtherance of protecting the due process rights of an accused and to ensure and protect the validity, truthfulness and/or integrity of the evidence used to determine a party's guilt or innocence. There is no valid legal argument in opposition to their employ. Yet … again … here we are.

Remarkably, the Democrats continue to be the source of the hue and cry to overlook, override, deride and ignore legal and Constitutional principles. We have seen it time and again. Repeatedly with any matter concerning President Trump. Most egregiously concerning Judge Kavanaugh. The clearest affirmation of this is the unapologetic socialist rhetoric of the party’s presidential nomination contenders all of whom call for ‘fundamental systemic change’. The systemic change that they seek to impose is socialism most evident by the confiscatory tax and wealth redistributive public policy they advocate. You see, the greatest impediment to the systemic change they seek is the Constitution. It is the Constitutional guarantee to due process, equal protection under the law and the right to self-defense that is the greatest impediment to their revolution. A free people, protected under the law, cannot be subjugated by the tyranny of the majority. Their guns can’t be confiscated. They can’t be denied life, liberty or property without due process of law. It is no accident that it is the right to due process of law that they repeatedly attack.

Will you defend yourself … or will you be enslaved by your hatred of the President? Far too many of you have convinced me that it will be the latter. The rest of us need to govern ourselves accordingly … and prepare for the worst.

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