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Schiff-Skiff Ritual Sacrifice

California Representatives Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell and the nasty band of impeachment obsessed Trump deranged no good-nicks are at it again. Clandestinely operating from the Capital Basement Schiff-Skiff we’ve witnessed a parade of Deep State Bureaucrats migrating to … and leaking from … this Temple of Derangement, where each day the reputation of the President and the trust of the American people are their ritual sacrifice. You see, notwithstanding the Mueller Report conclusion of NO COLLUSION (which isn’t actually a “thing” as a matter of law) … the largely incoherent testimony of its heretofore reputed to be the last honest man in Washington hand puppet public servant ‘scrivener’ … the Democrats now cling to an anonymous partisan ‘whistleblower’ liar* and are attempting to tease the hair of his hearsay into an impeachment bouffant.

But, you have to hand it to the Democrats, they largely owe their midterm election blue wave House majority to their lies and pre-election deceit touting the presentation of imminent proof of the impeachable in plain sight criminality of the President making clear that those Russian e-bots have nothing on the Democrat propaganda machine. This Ukraine scandal … which completely overlooks Biden's recorded impropriety … is nothing more than another bite at the apple. Understand, this is all about overturning the result of 2016 and nefariously influencing election 2020.

Keep watching and witness the greatest threat to the stability and survival of the Republic. _________ *The Whistleblower Law requires that the complainant disclose all persons with whom he has discussed his complaint. The Whistleblower failed to disclose that he had spoken to Rep. Schiff and his staff … and Rep. Schiff lied about having had a discussion with the Whistleblower contrary to applicable law.

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