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Return to Work Outrage

More suffocating limousine liberal hysteria. 'Troubled' by the President's suggestion that 'we' need to get back to work? That sounds to me like something someone with a guaranteed paycheck or independent wealth might say. While I don't have a problem with either as a practical matter (particularly the latter) … as a sole proprietor for more than two (2) plus decades … I do have a problem with the hysteria over the President's comments that 'we' need to get back to work. It's very … insufferably … Mary Antoinette.

You see, there are some of us who don't get a paycheck for sitting on the couch. We don't get matching 401(k) contributions unless we match them. We don't get benefits unless we provide them and we actually provide paychecks for other people. We don't have 9,000,000 N95 respirator masks to 'donate' because we outsource our manufacturing to pennies a day child laborers or because we benefit from the manipulation of our stock. So, you see, some of us do actually HAVE to work. It's easy to be critical of the concern when you don't have a concern about your income or benefits being paid in the near term and your biggest inconvenience is being denied access to your favorite ab machine at the gym.

I am glad that the President 'gets it'. WTF is wrong with you?


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