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Respecting Differences

If I were Speaker Pelosi's attorney … and she now needs one … I would remind her that she is not shielded by her Senate Floor Immunity while standing at a press conference microphone. I would also remind her that the attorneys who she is defaming and professionally disparaging are not 'public figures' for whom the standard and burden of proof to establish defamation (libel or slander) is 'higher.' Finally, she should understand that these types of attacks on their professional competence, reputation and ability are "defamation per se". Her veiled threats concerning their licensure are an outrage. She and her comrades are fomenters of a growing irrational malignant political rage that is responsible for this impeachment mania and national incivility.

I would encourage her to put her umbrella liability carrier on notice or seek the advice of asset protection counsel. She will not be shielded by her employer for her intentional misconduct … and I doubt any of these professionals are resolved to ignore her or walk away. I know that I wouldn't …


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