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Repeal Section 230

Section 230 provides social media platforms with an exemption for liability for the posted content of their members. This exemption protects them so long as they are a platform ... and not 'editors.' It is clear to everyone with functional neurons that many popular social media platforms have abused this exemption and acted as editors by engaging in 'fact checking', 'clarifying,' suppressing and de-platforming users who don't subscribe to their political world view. We have, from time to time, chronicled our own very real experience with this behavior. With each day, the unrestrained Silicon Valley Technocratic Oligarchy steps further and further over the line. We can no longer, in good conscience, continue to watch and indirectly participate by providing content for these platforms.

Consequently, we are taking the following immediate actions and encourage you to do the same: (1) we have cancelled our Twitter account; (2) cancelled our Instagram account; (3) terminated our ad buys with Facebook / Instagram; (4) in the process of migrating our content off youtube and closing our channel the development of which has been largely thwarted by frivolous copyright infringement claims; (5) redirecting our legal and other resources currently administering hundreds of frivolous politically motivated copyright infringement appeals to the improvement and development of our own platforms; (6) staff beta testing of other commercial platforms that allow and promote free speech without 'surreptitious' monitoring and prioritizing their own social engineering objectives; (7) terminating our corporate Facebook page with over 150,000 views last month ... a mere drop in the social media ocean. We understand that starting over isn't easy ... and even expensive ... but we believe that we can't put a price on principle or continue to be complicit in our providing ad revenue and content.

As for our individual friends, followers, and subscribers, we know that it can feel like you are without remedy in face of the unbridled power of Big Tech. We know and understand that we are not a big player ... and none of this is of any moment to the platforms and the other subscriber 'friends' who are okay with the suppression of perspectives that conflict with their own ... and that they may even find some relief in hearing it. But, we are also cognizant that Big Tech companies are businesses that derive revenue from advertising. The success or failure of their business plan is largely predicated upon the popularity of the platform, subscriber numbers, numbers of clicks, and numbers of followers and those metrics are relatively the same for other platform users.

We recommend that you take the following actions in furtherance of expressing your disapproval of their behavior: (1) terminate your account; alternatively (2) 'un-Like' the pages of all commercial enterprises; (3) refrain from liking the post of commercial enterprises; (4) review your advertising settings and set them in furtherance of narrowing or eliminating news feed and margin appearances; (5) always click to hide an ad that appears on your news feed; (6) un-like the pages of politicians, celebrities, public intellectuals and thought leaders who derive social media credibility and status from your following; (7) identify alternative platforms and develop user identification names that make it easy to find you; (8) when you start using a new platform ... seek your favorite organizations, companies, celebrities, thought leaders, etc. and reward them by "Liking" their pages to encourage them to redirect the focus of their online presence to the new platform; and (9) encourage your friends to migrate there, as well.

Finally, contact your representatives and tell them that you expect them to work toward the repeal of Section 230. Encourage your friends and family to do the same, or to empower you to speak for them. This is the only way that we will get the lion back in the cage. Understand, 'daddy' doesn't hit you because he loves you.


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