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Questioning Authority

While the Mulhalls purpose to comply with public mask requirements, I have to say that I am growing troubled by them. The mask question has posed a credibility problem for public health officials from the outset, having vacillated on the question of their efficacy, those conflicting pieces featured in medical journals, and the controversial OSHA standards. But, for me, the most glaring problem is the lack of uniform standards and any attempt to create them.

The only overarching ... screeching ... imperative is that you must wear 'one'. But, there is no guidance as to what it must look like or be made of. Even the masks themselves carry warnings that they do not prevent transmission of the virus. It occurs to me that if it is truly a matter of life, death and the public health, safety and welfare ... we would have standards. But, failure to "comply" despite the absence of a clear standard is met with the scorn, hysteria, ridicule, harassment and revenge porn of liberal Mask Nazis notwithstanding the possibility of an ADA exemption.

Understand, when the forcing becomes more important than the quality and efficacy of the mask itself it's time to start questioning the requirement.

It's time to start questioning the requirement. __________________

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