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Purpose to Thrive

The economic pressure, social distancing, threat of illness and death is stressful. Throughout my life, I have been curious about and informally studied how people who have come through difficult and traumatic times have managed their thoughts, emotions, finances, businesses, and relationships. The one thing that they all have common is a consistently positive attitude … no matter their struggle or circumstance. As time goes on, it seems that our family, friends, and colleagues fall into one of two camps. Those who are positive and are willing to do whatever is necessary to come out on the other side not just surviving … but thriving … and those who are negative, whose only thoughts are consumed by a viral contagion of undermining criticism and self and collective doubt.

It occurs to me that each of us is confronted with a choice … not only about which camp we chose to be in … but whether we will allow the negative thoughts and attitudes of the others to drag us down. Each of us will confront some difficult choices in the coming days, I suspect. I recommend surrounding yourselves with people who are clear eyed about the crisis that seek knowledge, understanding, and exhibit a commitment to purpose to lift you up. During tough times, I ask myself, will it be them or me? Who is with me … and who is only trying to scare me, manipulate, and undermine me? When you figure it out, don't look back.

Purpose to not only survive, but to thrive, and surround yourself with other people who are making the same choice. My best advice to you is to not be too sentimental about the choices that they have forced you to make.


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