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Predator Protection Program

For those of you who rationalize Joe Biden's behavior by saying that he is caught between a time when his conduct was 'okay' and a time when it became 'problematic'. Understand. It was never 'okay' to touch, sniff, or nuzzle someone without their consent. The suggestion that most men behaved this way is an insulting lie. There have always been boundary violating sexual predators. It is how we view and deal with them that has changed. Even still, many of us continue to excuse and overlook their behavior. There are still A LOT of people still making excuses for Joe. The one thing the two "times" have in common is that society continues to pressure those who try to bring attention to it ... to shut up. It's text book. Everyone knows it's easier to shame a victim of sexual assault into silence than curb the uncontrollable behavior of a sexually compulsive man suffering from trichophilia, exhibitionism, and pedophilia.

All sexual predators have their protectors. Will you be counted among Joe's in November?

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