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PPP Publicity

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

None of the businesses that the Mulhalls own applied for PPP loans. I mention it so you understand I'm not being in any way defensive when I say that I find it remarkable that the list of recipients was published. Don't get me wrong. I've reviewed some of the names of companies ... and I've even complained about some of the recipients 'here'. Understand, I'm not happy about my taxpayer participation in helping other people's companies ... worth hundreds of millions of dollars ... make their payroll while undertaking sole responsibility for my own, either. But, as a practical matter ... or more importantly as a matter of law ... when did we start publishing the list of all the people and entities that apply for government assistance? Do we publish the names of those with student loans ... or those who default on them? Were they advised that their names and loan amounts would be made public when applying for the government loan?

While it serves to remind us that those in actual need are often overlooked ... it is important to remember that many small businesses actually needed the money because the government mandated their shutdown ... and that should NEVER become an occasion for public shaming. EVER.


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