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Political Cannibals

What we are currently witnessing at the Southern border isn't 'immigration.' It's human trafficking by the federal government. While some Conservatives continue to ask the question "don't they understand?" they're missing the clear intentionality of the "No Policy" ... policy. While it's difficult to believe that anyone would actually encourage such dangerous lawlessness and the human trafficking and profligate sexual abuse of children ... remember who and what you're talking about. For some time Conservatives have pretended to not understand the progressive political majority end game ... transitioning from Capitalism ... to Socialism ... to Communism. They don't intend to remake the system ... they intend to destroy it. Despite its hollow denials ... until The Squad unapologetically emerged on the scene ... American progressivism has worked long and hard at this not so subtle destruction of America from the inside out. Conservatives need to stop rubbing their eyes in disbelief and wake up and smell the freedom-hating Neo-Marxist-Technocracy.

You see, Marxism is an ends justifies the means philosophy. This is why progressives are so unabashedly adept at the destruction of people, economies, and countries. There is no lie too big. There is no behavior too odious. There are no limits. Understand, progressivism is a cannibalistic absolutism that has no compunction about making children the coin of the realm and their eliminating their opponents by hook or by crook under the guise of working toward the unattainable utopian Marxist ideal. You're not imagining it.

The question is ... what are you going to do to stop it? #beingfrank #blueintheface #FMG


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