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Planned Parenthood Pandemic

For some time now, we have heard about the panoply of “women’s healthcare” diagnostic and treatment services provided by Planned Parenthood. We have been assured that women’s healthcare is their priority and business. That abortion is not their 'full time job'. So, it seems fair to ask … what exactly is Planned Parenthood doing during this national public healthcare crisis? They are uniquely qualified and equipped to reallocate and deploy their medical and clinical resources to help fight this global scourge. They have significant publicly underwritten financial resources to underwrite efforts to fight the pandemic … and contribute to the research and development of therapeutics and vaccinations.

Planned Parenthood has established medical centers across the country that are fully staffed by fully qualified and trained medical personnel. Are they providing CoVid-19 testing? Do they provide medical services to treat the symptoms of the virus? Are they contributing medical supplies and equipment at the community level to meet women’s pandemic related healthcare needs? Have they set up makeshift hospitals in Central Park? Have their doctors donated emergency room time? Have they trained their nursing staff how to handle patient emergencies and treatment? Or is it business as usual?

Planned Parenthood ... the self-appointed 'champion' of 'women’s healthcare' during the greatest global pandemic (since 1917 and the Spanish Flu) is nowhere to be found. You see, I mention it because it’s a matter of life and death. We can all see which one Planned Parenthood has and continues to chose … and that seems okay to them.

What about you?


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