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PlanDemic Video

Here's the other side of the controversial PlanDemic video. I shared the video. I think people should be heard and that the hearer should decide for themselves. People who fear having their assumptions challenged and want to protect others from the same ... are small minded people ... or worse. This piece is 'interesting'. It talks about how to approach your weak minded conspiracy theorist friends ... like me ... that may have given this 'obvious' propaganda piece consideration. Kindly, this journalist ... and Forbes Magazine ... have 'secrets' for those of you who are dismayed by its circulation by your ignorant friends ... like me. The author's phraseology has an eerily familiar sound. (She even used the word 'scienc(e)y'. Syntactical kindred spirits?)

The most interesting part of this critique is the lack of scientific refutation. There is plenty of defamatory reputational bashing for the discredit by name-calling crowd. But, I encourage you to consider what she has to say ... and the condescending manner in which she says it. You need to understand how the self-appointed 'intelligentsia' / thought leaders see, think of, and distrust you. The one thing that the author and I can agree on ... is the necessity for pushing back.

Those of us who dwell outside of ivory towers and aren't recipients of government paychecks understand that men and women join forces ... "conspire" ... to perpetrate all manner of fraud, wrongdoing, conflict, and criminal behavior. The idea that one might consider the possibility that those proclivities are behind a particular situation isn't a manifestation of clinical paranoia or stupidity. It's a well adjusted understanding of how the real world actually works. Beware of those who try to shame you into not looking more closely at a particular situation or consider all possibilities in furtherance of evaluating it. They are proponents of ignorance and seek your intellectual capitulation. Resist. The fact that she discouraged sharing the piece with the 'opposition' tells you all you need to know about her true motivation. I'm sharing it so you can consider it and draw your own conclusions ... because I respect your right to.

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