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Plagiarist-in-Chief Wannabe

Democrats want to re-write history. They've anointed a candidate who has a history of serial plagiarism and is failing from dementia. But, understand, he is simply a neo-marxist Bernie Sanders hand puppet. They know that he will say and do anything to win ... including sell out and deceive the American people in the process. I think we all know who Joe Biden is. Those of us who aren't 'forced' to believe in his candidacy (read 'sell out') aren't buying it. Three decades as a United States Senator and nearly a decade as Vice-President of the United States without a single legislative accomplishment to show for it.

The idea that he's going to restore virtue to the office is as laughable as his own scrambled sentences and his attempts to pass off the complete sentences of others as his own. There is no virtue in voting for Biden ... only the shame of being so easily deceived ... again.


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