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Partisan Pelosi Pandemic

Remember this moment. The moment that the Democrats were united in purpose against the American people. Remember that they played politics with your pain and the misfortune that they and their policies have created by further delaying financial relief to the American people in favor of their special interests, like Planned Parenthood and the Green New Deal.

Are you angry? You should be. Don't forget the way that you feel right now. Out of work. Businesses in tatters. Financial destruction in motion … and the Democrats holding out on you, and me, and our children. Remember that feeling. Hold onto it. Nurture it. From this moment, purpose to put those Democrats out of a job. Purpose to show your friends and neighbors that have supported and suborned their destructive nonsense for over three (3) years just how serious you are about holding all of them accountable in November … and work toward that end like your life and livelihood depend upon.

Because they do … join me. #RetireDemocrats #RetirePelosi


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