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Panic's Roll

Panic and fear are great motivators. Unfortunately, they largely cause us to do things we wouldn't ordinarily do had we taken a beat and thought it through or been in possession of all the facts before embarking on a particular course of action. While our own overthinking ...or not thinking at all ... are often the source of the panic that plagues us ... we must recognize and be honest about the role of panic and fear in our politics. Panic and fear is used divide and control us. Our only defense against this emotional tyranny is to question authority, doubt 'conventional' wisdom and step out of the lemming line. You see, proponents of the truth don't force their way or pressure you to accept them or their ideas, because they know and understand that there is something in each of us that recognizes and harkens unto the truth. It is only our own self interest that overrides this natural inclination.

Put down the toilet paper ... think independently ... ignore the panic welling up within you ... reject the concomitant fear and ... stand. #beingfrank #blueintheface #FMG

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