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Panic Is On A Roll

In South Florida, we are used to stocking up on supplies in the event of a hurricane. My wife returned from the grocery and drug store stops after work and said that the stores were out of toilet paper. It was her understanding that the local supply has been depleted by the frenzied doomsday pandemic preparations currently underway at the prompting of the media. In the thirty (30) plus years I've lived here … and through all the storms we've been through … I don't ever recall not being able to find and buy toilet paper. Apparently, only CoVid-19 can inspire that level of irrationality.

I might understand the run on toilet paper if one of the symptoms was explosive and persistent diarrhea. But, of course it's not. If it is a problem … it's self induced panic sponsored by our lying media friends. They love a good panic. While toilet paper is not the only consumer good falling into scarcity … I focus on it, in particular, because I think that it speaks to the degree of panic among our friends and neighbors … and how full of shit this pandemic panic is.

Despite being recently accused of being a "CoVid-19 Denier" … by a panicky friend … I'll stand by the notion that panic is never a good idea. Never. Let's all take a deep breath … wash our hands … and keep them away from our faces. Purpose to put your faith and trust in sense and reason … and avoid the hyperbolic nonsense of those who have a vested interest in your panic. If you need help figuring out who that is … let me know.

To my hoarder friends … if your neighbor is out of toilet paper, fork over a roll or two. You never "lend" someone toilet paper. Besides, we all know that you can spare more than a square.

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