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Pandemic Privilege

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Pandemic privilege. Make no mistake. We're not 'in this together'.* I think prosperity and poverty test us in more ways than we know, can understand, and/or imagine. It's shocking and disappointing for me to see and hear so many blessed with so much ... be so callous about the behavior and prospects of the people less fortunate than they who have largely subsidized the safety of the prosperous from the virus with the government mandated loss of their jobs, incomes and businesses.

I have long thought that ... in many respects ... the test of prosperity is far greater than the test of poverty ... and have concluded that far more people fail the test of prosperity.** It's not because prosperity is more difficult ... we can all appreciate that it is not ... but because the failure of the prosperity test is of graver moral and spiritual consequence.

We are witnessing that failure ‘here'. ________ * I apologize for and deeply regret ever using that propagandist hashtag. ** I recognize my 'data' is anecdotal and acknowledge that I haven't conducted a randomized double blind peer reviewed study that supports my conclusions.

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