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Pandemic Nothing-Burger

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen

Morning update: Absolutely fascinating numbers continue to come out of the tri-county area which continues to support my hypothesis of a nothing-burger (I admit, this could change next week). But surely the "experts" must be wary of predicting doom from the spike which began around June 10, when, after 3.5 weeks, there has been absolutely NO spike in deaths and the death rate continues to plummet. In fact the doubling time of deaths is now over 2 months for Broward, above 1.5 months for Dade and just at 1.5 months for Palm Beach County. This is not doom, this is a flat curve...3 1/2 weeks out, people!!! Death rates continue to plummet in the state and tri-county area, crashing through (giving the MSM some of their own hyperbole) the 2.0 level in the state.

The data points also tell me that some specific sentinel event had to have happened two (2) weeks before June 10 to start this landslide in positive cases which has not translated into increases at all in deaths (something young and healthy people must have done). Any guesses?? Because if this were secondary to the general reopening, the spike would not have been as dramatic and we would have seen a more robust increase in deaths over the past few weeks ... hasn't happened. Hint: the MSM has no clue ... so it should be easy for everybody else. Has the Palm Beach Post interviewed the head of Bethesda or St. Marys to get a bed count? Has the Sun-Sentinel done the same for BroGen or HolMem?? Let's look at today's paper to get the answer.

Folks, the media has failed to monitor the public health of our community big time. I implore the editors of these political papers to get these reporters into the faces of hospital administrators and get this info, stat (as we say in medicine). Let's see what next week brings. Certainly the spike long awaited by the never- DeSantis's may happen, but the longer it doesn't, the less likely it will be sharp.


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