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Social Justice In The Time of Pandemic

Just in time for Holy Week, while accepting the assistance of Samaritan’s Purse headed by Evangelical Christian Pastor, Rev. Franklin “Son of Billy” Graham, New York City Mayor, Bill “My-Gym-Me-Time” Di Blasio, has been defamatorily skeptical of the Central Park Christians who ran to the pandemic hot zone largely created and fomented by the impotent public health care policies of the unfashionably mullet sporting mayor.

“Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city will keep a close eye on the Christian fundamentalist group operating a field hospital in Central Park, amid growing fears that some New Yorkers could face discrimination and substandard care from the religious organization.”

Let me ease your fears. Christians aren’t like liberal idealogues. Despite disagreement, we don’t wish you dead, participate in effigial decapitations, or harass your children in public places. The Central Park Christians are doing what Christians are supposed to do … and have largely done for millennia. We help widows, orphans and the poor. We care for the sick and minister to the dying. This is who we are called to be. There have been those who have done terrible things in the name of God and have purported to be Christians. But, take heart and understand that there is a way to tell the real ones from the fake ones. You will know them by their fruit … and from where I’m sitting … those people in Central Park preparing to take care of the sick and the dying look like real Christians to me. They're easy to spot. They aren't competing for space with any other religion, political organization or social movement for space in Central Park. Now would be a good time to ask yourself why that is in this Golden Age of Social Justice?

Given his constant state of social, political, and ideological befuddlement, I can appreciate the Mayor’s confusion. Are you confused?

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