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Offended By Hope

The Hysterian political atheist and agnostic actually-know-nothing-about-Christianity contingent are catastrophically yammering about the President’s aspirational goal of returning to Church and work by Easter. Candidly, I have found a lot of the dialogue to be disrespectful to Christians in the extreme and am exhausted by the interpretations of the gospel by the amateur atheist and agnostic theo-nonsensical. Work, commerce and Christianity are not at cross purposes. There are, in fact, theological principles concerning the concept of work ethic. They exist in sociology and economics, as well and are seen throughout our history. It’s called, The Protestant Work Ethic (“PWE”). The PWE emphasizes our worldly duty to conduct ourselves as disciplined, frugal, hard-working people. These principles are rooted in what is called “Calvinism” … which underlays much of Evangelical Christianity.

So, you see, the President’s aspirational call to return to work isn’t antithetical to Christian principles … nor is the notion that we would be hoping for an Easter Miracle. You see, as a people, we believe in, and live our lives according to the fulfillment of that Easter Miracle. My hope and prayer for the rest of you is that come to know and understand the importance of this and find a place for Jesus in your heart.

In the meantime, I recommend sticking to what you 'know'. Whatever that is …

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