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Obama Pandemic Planning

"Everyone" is right. President Trump is STUPID! He should have simply accessed the N95 respirator masks, ventilators and contingency plans that the Obama Administration put in place during and after the three (3) respiratory pandemics that occurred during its administration from 2009 through 2016: (1) H1N1 2009; (2) EBOLA 2014; and (3) ZIKA 2015. What? There weren't any? Huh? You mean all the liberal geniuses didn't learn from the three (3) Obama pandemics? Preparations weren't made by the Obama Dream Team in anticipation of future pandemics? Surely everyone's hair sniffing hero, Joe Buyden, came to the national rescue. We 'know' that decades long public servants and American patriots Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were on top of promulgating legislation and allocating money to plan for future pandemic response. Right? Why aren't we cracking open their detailed play book?

My dear liberal red corrective wax pencil toting friends. You might consider keeping your non-stop bullshit to yourselves. Your team had eight years of serial pandemics and didn't do the planning.

You look and sound the fools …

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