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Nuclear Climate

In 2004, a Department of Defense report predicted that climate change could be America’s greatest national security threat. The report predicted nuclear war, endemic conflict over resources, and European cities underwater by 2020. Remember this? I do. The report claimed that peace requires increases in available resources … or when populations die off. “But such peaceful periods are short-lived because population quickly rises to once again push against carrying capacity, and warfare resumes.” In modern times, the casualties have decreased, but “all of that progressive behavior could collapse if carrying capacities everywhere were suddenly lowered drastically by abrupt climate change.” The report ominously predicted that as “endemic warfare” resumes, it will invariably escalate to nuclear war. “In this world of warring states, nuclear arms proliferation is inevitable.”

But, the report has proven to be all wrong. Not only have we not fought or witnessed a nuclear war, but the world has become more peaceful in the past 30 years ... and no European cities have been inundated. None. Zero. Zilch. But, the anxiety, fear and urgency created by this report lives on. #blueintheface #BeingFrank #FMG ___ * 10 False Climate Predictions for 2020 ( ___

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