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No Relief At All

The Covid Relief Bill this round is over 5,000 pages long. Our representatives received it the night before the vote. It's not possible that they read the entire bill. The bill allocated trillions of dollars from our national treasury ... much of it lump summed to various foreign countries for a variety of 'programs' under the guise of unstated foreign policy objectives. There was little actual meaningful CoVid relief in the bill.

This is what happens when our representatives and one half of the citizenry are offended by the notion that we should put "America First." You know who they are. They're standing by and watching their fellow citizens lose their businesses, jobs and homes content in the knowledge that 'we' will be funding Pakistani 'gender re-education programs' while they collect their government or large corporation paychecks working from home in their pajamas.

What will it take to get you off your chair to do something about it? Or is it your plan to simply be a witness to our imminent destruction? #BeingFrank #blueintheface #FMG ____


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