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New York State of Mind

Gosh. New Yorkers defying the stay at home order and travelling to South Florida? With all due respect ... you won't shock anyone south of Stuart, Florida about the 'rules don't apply to me attitude' that motivates their risky behavior. Here's a peek behind the curtain my snowbird friends.* Full time residents actively celebrate your return north. It signals a return to civility. Waiting in line at the grocery store or a restaurant is no longer a full body trash talking contact sport. Understand, there are actual block parties that spontaneously break out as the first car carriers depart with you in the Spring.

On my dog walk a couple of days ago, one of my neighbors incredulously noted that the infectious migration is insensitive and without regard to the health, safety, and welfare of the full time residents. My response? Have you actually been here during 'season'? When they responded 'of course' ... I stared back in amazement and said "what's your point?" Notwithstanding the orders of two (2) governors, and the 'science' and 'data points' concerning the pandemic, plane load after plane load of fleeing New Yorkers have flooded our area. In the coming days, you will hear that South Florida is a now a hot zone … and we'll know who to thank for it. Our seasonal 'Me Firsters'. Take heart my fellow full time Floridians, it won't be the first time that they've made us sick …

(… and they were heard to sing in proudly defiant unison … "If I can make it there ... I'll make it anywhere ... " Cue music, Sinatra, and retired Rockettes who live in surreal abundance in most condominium buildings …) ___________ *If you promise not to be offended by my 'observations' ... I promise to not be offended when you tell me I didn't grow up in New York because I lived outside of Rochester.

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