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Neo-Marxist Democrats

It seems that there are (too) many who have romanticized the neo-marxist principles espoused by Democrats. We don’t have to guess how free people fare under the implementation of Marxist ideology. Marxism is always totalitarian and always collapses of its own weight. The primary factors being ruthlessness and inefficiency. We have seen how Democrat leadership has tyrannically responded to “emergency” economic control and how easily they dispense with and are dismissive of Constitutional rights … and in typical Politburo form ... how they dispense privilege and favor among those with similar ideological sympathies to maintain their support. For example Comrade DiBlasio’s (f/k/a Warren Wilhelm, Jr.) edict that there are to be no public gatherings except protests regarding a closed universe of issues.

Seattle and New York City have fallen. How many others will you sit by and watch fall into the hands of radical neo-marxists? ___

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