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Narco-Terrorist Allies

Apparently, my derogatory comments concerning the Kurds pursued by Turkey have offended the finely cultivated weaponized emotions of many "here". I've written about the PKK (Kurdish insurgents). I've referred them as Communist drug traffickers. According to this report … the correct term is 'narco-terrorist organization.' Here is a report from the National Criminal Justice Reference Service for you. You're on the hate trump betrayal of the Kurds handwringing bandwagon … and you've taken up the cause of narco-terrorists. Nice work ...

"The study concludes that the PKK-KONGRA GEL covertly financed its growing militant and propaganda activities from the illicit drug business in cooperation with several Kurdish organized crime networks. The PKK-KONGRA GEL initially extorted taxes from the heroin traffickers and cannabis cultivators in northwestern Iran, northern Iraq, and southeastern Turkey. After the 1990s, however, intelligence reports showed the PKK-KONGRA GELs direct involvement in drug trafficking, heroin production, street delivery of drugs, money laundering, and the assassination of rival drug network members. This comprehensive involvement in the illicit drug business was facilitated by the wide network of the organization from Central Asia to Western Europe. This analysis of the PKK-KONGRA GELs involvement in and dependence on the illicit drug business as a funding source for its terrorist activities was launched in 2003 under the title of the Narcoterrorism Project. The project was promoted by the head of Turkey’s Department of Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime (KOM) and the Director of Central Narcotics Division. The project also involved liaison officers from Interpol, the German Federal Criminal Police Office, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, and several European law enforcement agencies. Hundreds of narcoterrorism cases were analyzed over 2 years, using data from National Organized Crime and Terrorism Databases, case reports, the statements of the criminals involved, and members of PKK-KONGRA GEL. "

Consider researching PKK on your own and thinking for yourself. You won't be so easily misled.

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