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"Narcissist Supply"

Now we're whining about why Florida got the emergency supplies that it asked for? In order to determine whether the state to state per capita distribution of federal emergency supplies was 'fair' … we have to level the playing field for comparative purposes. What is the relative population of the complaining states? How large is their at risk population? How do the requests of each state stack up? How much of what was requested was quantitatively delivered?

I'll direct my 'sciency' 'data driven' 'friends' to the data for the answer. Of the nearly 20,000,000 Floridians … over 5,000,000 are over the age of 65. Florida has the largest percentage of CoVid-19 high risk population and consequently, with it is one of the states at the greatest risk of boosting the national CoVid-19 mortality rate. Sounds like a priority. Secondly, my guess is that given our perpetual state of emergency … that our emergency management required fewer actual supplies per capita. Consequently, the request as submitted could be fulfilled. We are generally in a state of emergency preparedness. That's how we roll. We have an ongoing, dignified Hurricane Season Disaster drill that we run annually ... when the less panicky are in residence.

Once again, all emotionalism. NO DATA. JUST ACCUSATIONS.


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