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Moral Compass

Where is the Republican Party leadership? Why isn’t there coordinated conservative Republican messaging? Why isn’t the leadership encouraging responsible citizen leadership in opposition to the violence and mayhem sweeping our cities? Why are they not affirming what local citizen leaders are saying and doing in opposition to the violence? It is simply not acceptable that conservatives remain silent on the sidelines as the country comes apart at the seams. Every Conservative member of the Congress should be dominating Capital Hill reporter time speaking out against anarchy, insurrection and sedition. At the same time, they should be proffering substantive proposals to reform discriminatory social welfare legislation, implement school desegregation, additional money for opportunity zones, criminalizing predatory lending practices, and national standards for the use of force. But, it’s not happening.

This is an unprecedented national emergency. Republican leaders need to be out front boldly leading the charge. To my fellow citizen leader conservatives … it’s time to flood the communications of your representatives of all stripes at all levels of government and demand that they take a stand publicly against the violence, initiate action to opposed and defeat it, and support reformatory legislative action. Or are we all content with Democrat Neo-Marxist party controlling the Executive Branch and both Houses of Congress?

I shouldn’t think so.


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