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Minding Your Own Business

Small business owner? Employed by a small business? Tired of financing CoVid-19 'safety' and the looting and arson posing as the free speech of others? Unhappy with the short straw when state and local governments were picking winners and losers and deeming your business and workers 'nonessential'? Did you stand helplessly by and watch the banks process the PPP loans of their biggest customers to your detriment? Bothered by your large corporation and government stay-at-home collecting paycheck and benefits neighbors agreeing that your business and employees should subsidize their ... 'safety'?

Your economic pain has been largely made possible because the largest single political interest group has no real representation or voice ... or did I miss local Chamber of Commerce run to your defense? This gross imbalance of political power needs to come to an end. It's time to start minding your own business ... and take care of business. It's time to start investing in a voice that will object to your closure, demand states and municipalities provide police protection and assist in the election of government officials that understand the importance and hear the voice of small business.

With the very real threat of the Neo-Marxist Democrats, it's time to join together in common purpose to assure that 'this' doesn't continue and that small business will not only survive ... but thrive. This is not about Wall Street. This is about Main Street.

It's time ... _____ www.frankcastingmediagroup

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