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Mind Blowing

For the last four (4) years, I have watched friends and colleagues serially lose their respective minds every time the President opens his mouth or tweets. Candidly, a lot of their behavior has been a clinical adventure in terror. There is no word or tweet too insignificant to touch off an emotional firestorm for a lot of them. It has been ... all at once ... revealing and disturbing. I know that I'm not alone in my discomfort with the radical, emotionally unhinged behavior of this kind ... and I know and understand that I am not the only one reconsidering associations and regretting time spent under the guise of friendship.

But, I think that it's instructive for those of us on the receiving end of this "liberal mania" that we understand where it will inevitably lead if the proverbial tide turns. I know that I'm not the only one who has REPEATEDLY been threatened by "friends" with imminent harm should conservative electoral prospects disappoint. Mania has no deterrent. Mania is wholly unrestrained. Loyalty, friendship, sense and reason are not cognizable to mania.

Understand. They are serious. ___


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