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Marxist Policing

I am growing tired of hearing and watching people excuse the current ‘Defund the Police Movement’ as if they know not what they do. They know exactly what they’re doing. The problem is that most of us don't understand who they are … or know enough about their ideology to clearly see that we are living through the early stages of a neo-marxist revolution. You see, Marxist perspective always starts with class analysis. Understand, our street fighting neo-marxists don’t view the police as part of the working class. Marxists view the police as agents of the state and the first line of defense of the ruling class. One of the first steps of Marxist revolution is to undermine, discredit, and dismantle the police and other institutions that are seen as protectors of the ruling class … like the judicial system, the religious institutions, and the army.

Understand, our current trouble isn’t about racism. It’s about Marxist opportunism, the tearing down of our governmental institutions and the destruction of capitalism. It’s about Marxist revolution. Stop pretending that they don’t understand.

It’s you that isn’t getting it … ____

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